Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The air-attack warning sounds like...

No matter how much you think you know about a place before you arrive, there are always going to be some things you only discover after being there for a while. Like, for example, the way that in Edinburgh some fool fires a 105mm howitzer in the centre of town every lunchtime. Or, as I've just discovered, San Francisco conducts a weekly air-raid siren test.

I'm not sure what was most scary about discovering the Tuesday Noon Siren: what I thought might be about to happen when I first heard it; what might be happening for real the next time I hear it; or the fact that I've only heard the damn thing once in the eight weeks I've been here.

Actually, thanks to the internet, you can rest assured of finding something even scarier online when researching whatever it was that scared you in the first place: in this case the fact that someone has seen fit to create the Siren Archive - an "online museum of outdoor warning devices from around the world". Enjoy.

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